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Radiator Hospital (USA) Australian Tour - Sydney

Radiator Hospital (USA) Australian Tour - Sydney.jpg

Whisk and Key Records in association with Uncle Mum are exited to present Radiator Hospital, who will be hitting Australian shores for the first time ever this November/December

Supporting the band in Sydney is Mount DefianceMax Quinn (band) and SPORTS BRA

Over the course of the last decade, Philadelphia's Radiator Hospital have released a small mountain of tapes, EPs and official albums.

Evolving from a solo vehicle for Sam Cook-Parrott's lovelorn hissy bedroom recordings into a fully locked-in band line-up projecting in high definition.

Their most recent release, "...Plays The Songs You Like" (2017) rips through 16 melodic blasts of devotion, yearning, and reflection on the songs in the background that shape our worlds; a collection of songs not only about how songs themselves affect our lives, but how the same song can mean wildly different things to different people and how that meaning can change over time.

Accompanying Radiator Hospital on tour will be Melbourne's Mount Defiance who released their debut album "Everything's Always Been This Perfect" earlier this year through Whisk & Key Records.