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Eurodance Delights 2 (at the same venue!)


We had so much fun at The Chippo Hotel last year, we had to do it all again! Celebrate our 2nd birthday! Eurodance Magic is proud to present "Eurodance Delights" on the 21st April, 2018. Stay up to date with the best of the 1990s by liking our page:

Set Times
2 - 3pm Sneeze
3 - 4pm Nick Muller
4 - 5pm Milton (Greenwood SOS, Blackmarket, DCMs, Byblos, Soho, Sugareef, Sky Gardens, The Underground, Icebox, White Room, EP1, Beresford, Kinseles)
5 - 6pm Beanz (CPX Radio etc)
6 - 7pm AJ (Greenwood SOS, Blackmarket, DCMs, Byblos, Soho, Sugareef, Sky Gardens, The Underground)
7 - 8pm JC (Icebox, Plastic, Transmission)
8 - 9pm Sneeze
9 - 10pm Bukstar (Escape boat cruises)
10 - 11pm Tom Heist (Resident @ System 6 & various Brisbane raves)
11 - 12pm Nick Muller

What can you expect from our parties?
>On the 21st April, The Chippo Hotel will be hosting a party that sets itself apart from the generic pub/club night out. It’s about the return of the 90s hay day that built its vibe from four simple words; Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (PLUR). To help describe your evening with us, think: 

>Eurodance Delights is a party with dedicated DJs who enjoy crate digging for forgotten white labels that gave foundation to today’s music scene. You can expect to hear a freshness of 90s Piano House and Eurodance that goes well beyond your commercial classics like Dr. Alban, The Real McCoy, DJ Bobo, La Bouche etc. 

>Wearing your hypercolor t-shirt, adidas gazelles, or keppers are not mandatory;) Just be yourself and enjoy the nostalgia:) 

>Come in early for a cruisy lunch with your mates, enjoy some raw piano house, and gems from the early 90s rave scene in a funky outdoor courtyard styled with its own Graffiti Hall of Fame. Stay into the evening as we progress into electronic synths with bumbling basslines and euphoric riffs, and close out the night with a serious dose of glorious HI NRG that will transport you back to the days of Blackmarket, Equinox/Pump @ The Apia Club, Kinselas, DCMs, 2SER, 99.3FM, and 2RDJ FM📻 etc. This party builds its vibe from anyone wanting to feel nostalgic, or wanting to discover what was so great about the 90s. Meet friendly new people with a passion for good music.

2pm - midnight.