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Hot Stuff Comedy - Chilli VS Comedians - $5 Comedy

Hot Stuff Comedy - Chilli VS Comedians - $5 Comedy.jpg

The idea is simple, you (the audience) shout out scenarios, and a panel of 3 comedians who are on stage, will take a bite of a hot chilli if they have taken part in said scenario and then try to tell their story!

For example, the host will ask " who here ever had... " and the audience start to shout out suggestion like. "embarrased themeselves in public", "quit a job in a spectacular way", "‘had a threesome’ etc etc.

Any of the comedians who have at some point in their lives had that scenario happen to them have to take a bite of chilli. The audience then have to choose which comedian will tell their story. They will probably pick the comedian suffering hardest!

The comedian will have to keep their story to under 3 minutes

They each have one amnesty card which will get them a glass of milk/ water

The game will end after a set time, or one comedian has finished through their chillies

FEAT Chilli Eaters.

Also on the night, a bevy of comedians performing a regular set for you
Lachlan Brooks
Jacob Perry
Dane Hiser
Ryan Crawford
EJ Rovedi
more tba

Hosted by Anna Price

This show is $10 when bought online $15 at the door

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