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DONNA AMINI - 'Suburban Surf' Single Launch

DONNA AMINI - 'Suburban Surf' Single Launch.jpg

‘Suburban Surf’, the new single from Donna Amini, charges forward from the onset; a powerful definition of her artistry that has continued to flourish with strength into 2019. Following on from her dominating ‘Big Machine’ release last year, Amini returns with a new sense of rawness layered over her work. A songwriter with honesty and emotion worn brilliantly on her sleeve, Amini’s ‘Suburban Surf’ is more guitar-heavy than the laidback title may suggest.

With the release of ‘Big Machine’ in 2018, Donna Amini made her presence known, a fine return after her debut album Night Underground stoked fires of excitement surrounding her music and introduced more music fans to an intriguing and wickedly clever musicianship. Enjoying success online and on radio (‘Big Machine’ added to rotation across Double J, Triple J Unearthed and 2SER), Amini laid solid groundwork for more new music to come.