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Hoon with Scab Baby + Cookbook Book Club

Fresh out the gate from 2 sell-out shows and a hometown multi-disciplinary arts mini-fest. Wollongong DIY garage punks are back, bringing their enigmatic and joyful spin on abrasive punk to the East Coast of Australia, with their sophomore E.P ‘Hoon 2.0’ in pull.

A band that is equally as animated and reckless in their performance, as their songwriting itself. Hoon have developed a chaotic neutral between composure and compulsion, with tracks that blend between raucous 2-minute punk to dynamic 5-minute medleys hinting towards psychedelia and sludge metal.

Hoon 2.0 seen it’s first light earlier in January 2019 with the first single ‘Partner In Crime’. The track was a preview and testament of the succinct and savage intentions driving the release. Described as “Unrelenting guitars, psychotic vocals, and pummeling drums – it’s we imagine it would sound like if Shellac, The Sex Pistols, and Refused had a demented lovechild” by Life Without Andy. Hoon 2.0 is the uncompromised outburst they’ve had stewing since their debut album in 2016.

Catch Hoon on the road this July and August, with their Wollongong psych, surf, garage and sludge punk counterparts Scab Baby as they celebrate the joy and chaos of Hoon 2.0.