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VOIID - DROOL EP Launch, Sydney

VOIID are proud to announce that their long anticipated and fiercely passionate EP "DROOL" will officially be released - June 14th 2019!

This July Brisbane's finest return to your city to play you their latest EP "DROOL" Telltales of staying true to one self while surviving; objectivcation, pressures of today's society and taking too much acid.

"This EP is a representation of our development as a band since we released our debut EP in 2016."

Dive head first into the the world of VOIID in some of Australia’s best live music venues and joined by SPORTS BRA & Garage Sale!

".... the entire room was submissive to the bands every whim."
- Hysteria Mag

"VOIID are giving people what they want."
- scenstr

"The voice, the riffs, the message. It all adds up."
- Richard Kingsmill, triple j