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Totally Unicorn

While renown party heroes Totally Unicorn may have hung up the gloves for 2016, 2017 is finally here & the boys are wasting no time getting stuck in.

Well rested from the festive season (livers may or may not have been rested) they are once again picking up the goon sack, hitting the road & looking to finish the summer off in style.

If you missed them on the ‘Dream Life’ album tour, how about you add another resolution to that new years list and NOT be a dickhead.

Totally Unicorn
Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families

“One of the best underground Aussie debuts in recent memory.” 
- Rolling Stone (4.5/5 stars)

“An excellent inebriated slosh of infectious hardcore punk.” 
- Heavy Magazine

“…a fucking rippingly bizarre record.” -
Hysteria Magazine (8/10)

“…never a dull moment. You're along for the entire white-knuckle ride, and as soon as it's over you'll want to do the whole thing again.” 
- The Brag (4/5 stars)

“…a powerfully unique release that has to be one of the rawest outputs of the year so far.” 
- The Music (4/5 stars)