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Planning Your Next Event?

Nestled in the heart of Chippendale, within both of Sydney's eclectic Art District and Tech Central District, and as Australia's First Fully Vegan Pub & Bistro, The Chippo Hotel is the perfect place for you to enjoy your well deserved time away from the Sydney grind.

At The Chippendale Hotel, or as the locals call us, The Chippo, we are more than just a venue; we're a cultural hub, where heritage meets innovation, where artistry intertwines with technology, and where culinary excellence embraces sustainability. 

Whether you're after a brightly lit space, a moody atmosphere, an iconic live music dungeon, or, ...everybody's favorite thing, ....PINBALL & POOL!, we've certainly got you covered with a variety of options, suitable for your event.

Please feel free to contact our events team using the link below, so we can immediately get started tailoring a package to suit you.


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